The 1975

Please don’t get mad at me if I say: “It was only today that I heard about the band “1975” Oh my! Weird me! When I was asked by an acquaintance if I like the band I was like “WHO?” “The only thing I know about 1975 is, that was the year when John Lennon released his Rock n Roll album. (Gosh! I am deeply apologizing to 1975’s fans).

Just to share, when I was younger (please just don’t ask me how old I am now 😛 ) I love listening to bands like Panic! at the disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and the likes, and then one day I woke up and stop listening to them. But I still have their songs saved in my playlist because there are days where I just want to listen to their song/s depending on my mood. Ha! But nowadays I don’t have any news about new alternative bands making their name in the music industry maybe because I’m too focused with work or with One Direction. LoL! 😀

So to get rid of my ignorance about the band, I listened to some of their songs on youtube, and I have to admit they sound really good, and when I say really good, I downloaded their album on itunes so I can listen to all of their songs.


I cannot explain the technicality on how the band really sounded because I am not a music expert or whatnot, but one thing I know after listening to their album is, that for me, it sounded refreshing to my ears and I find some of their songs really catchy and the beat just really makes you want to listen to it over and over.

I’ll name 3 of their songs that I loved from the first time I heard it.

  1. The City – A line from the song that keeps repeating on my mind  “Yeah, If you wanna find love then you know where the city is” Like seriously where is this city?! i wanna find my love! take me there now! 🙂
  2. Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You – “I know it’s me that’s supposed to love you And when I’m home you know I got you. Is there somebody who can watch you?” No need to explain the feels, this line is just perfection
  3. Heart Out – “It’s just you and I tonight Why don’t you figure my heart out?” – I bet I’m gonna sing this line if I’ll ever meet Matt.

Another thing that pique my interest was when I  learned that they’re based and formed in Manchester. (what are the odds? I do really love the Brits!) Now don’t make me choose which member I like the most, I’m still new with the band and I don’t want to choose a bias right now I just want to enjoy their lovely music.

To all the fans of The 1975 please help me know them more and please suggest any of their song that I should listen to.


Maria ❤

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