All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

“You make me love you, and that could be the greatest thing my heart was ever fit to do”
I thought I’ve cried enough after reading pages 339-334 but I was wrong……I was left speechless after reading the book and to be honest I never felt so shattered after finishing it.

Half way through the book I wanted to stop reading. WHY? because I have this feeling of an impending doom but at the same time I wanted to proceed even though I have this feeling that my heart will be broken.

Jennifer Niven’s writing made me crave for more every chapter and every scene.She has this incredible way of constructing Finch and Violet’s POV. Plus I guess the reason that I could really relate and feel every emotion is because the book was based on her personal experience,and who wouldn’t feel the emotions in every word and phrase on the book? *ALL READERS FELT IT*

I would definitely recommend the book to my friends and loved ones


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